Wednesday, October 10, 2007

That Was Way Too Much Work...

I spent last night in a nearly 6 hour meeting assigning judges to my chapter's contest entries - not alone, mind you, there were five of us working on this project.

Once the judges were assigned (no easy task considering the delta between the # of entries and the # of judges), we went about separating the entries into piles to be mailed. Ugh. My kitchen counter is now covered with other people's work, waiting to be packaged and mailed.

I cannot explain to you what a brain drain last night was. How do I recover? All those numbers! I think most of you know I am NOT a numbers girl. Is it possible for too much thinking to make your brain swell? That's how my head feels today.

How do you recharge your brain?


  1. Hmm. I usually can recharge my brain with a mindless and/or fun movie. Try "Tommy Boy" or "There's Something About Mary". Your IQ might drop, but you'll be happy.

  2. Like Jennifer, I watch my favorite T.V. series on DVD, Usually Charmed or House.


  3. I have brain drain now. I'm blog hopping. *g*

  4. I used to watch General Hospital, but it got too crazy for me.

  5. Hmm, a bubble bath? So I should be expecting an email of judging any day, huh? lol

  6. Maybe you could do a Sudoku. :):)

    After the six hour marathon from that night I became a couch potato for the bulk of the next day.

  7. What a PAIN! I hate coordinating contests, yet I think I'm a category coordinator again.

    Good luck recharging!