Sunday, October 28, 2007

Reasons People Stumble Upon My Blog

10 34.48% kristen
5 17.24% halloween funnies
3 10.34% vomit pumpkin
2 6.90% alan rickman blogspot
2 6.90% kristen florida erotica writer
1 3.45% angela james rejection letter
1 3.45% where to buy coconut chocolate in hawaii
1 3.45% painters that changed their name
1 3.45% buy hershey's kisses filled with cherry cordial cream
1 3.45% airtran sucks
1 3.45% kristin
1 3.45% janet reid miss snark

29 Entries = 100%

What does this teach us? If you want more traffic to your blog, blog about me. LOL - Seriously though, discuss.


  1. Oy. You. Did you know that you don't have a link to your blog on your website? Fix that. ;)

  2. I have linked to you. Will consider a post using all those words:)

  3. Sela - There actually is a link on every page but the first one. And that whole website needs to change, or at least be updated in a major way.

    Teri - Hey, it's worth a shot right? lol

  4. Vomit pumpkin?! OMG! *rofl*

  5. I don't need to blog about you. A porn star shares my name, so I--unfortunately--get a lot of her traffic, with some of it coming from government domain names. LOL!

  6. I'm laughing at the pumpkin vomit, too. I did pumpkin poop last year, one stumbled onto my blog because of it.

  7. Who knew Alan Rickman had a blog. :)