Monday, October 15, 2007

Things You Can't Live Without

It's Monday. We need a little nonsense, don't you think? There's plenty of time for serious tomorrow. Enjoy!
1. How To Get Along With Boys Book - There's also one on how to get along with girls, but honestly, who would really need that?

2. Bacon-flavored Mints - Now that's fresh breath!

3. Giant Ear - never be accused of not listening again.

4. The Illustrated Librarian Tattoos - I'm especially fond of the one that says, "Born To Read."

5. Librarian Action Figure - you can't have 4 without 5. Really.

6. Albino Bowler Action Figure - I'm thinking he'd make a great date for the Librarian.

7. Sushi Bandages - When doesn't slapping raw fish on a wound make it feel better?
8. How To Keep Your Husband Apron - Perfect for the bride, don't you think?
9. Cowboy Boot Sideburns - Perfect for making an impression at your next writer's conference.
10. Itty Bitty Rubber Chickens - Seriously, 144 of them for $35? How can you say no?


  1. ROFL I love the Librarian Action Figure! 'with amazing shushing action'. I also like the temp tattoo with the skull and quill: "Alas, Poor Yorick". =oD

  2. Hey, I don't think there's anything wrong with 2 and 9--especially if you're at a writer's conference eating the mints and wearing the sideburns at the same time. LOL!

  3. OMG! These are totally hilarious! *rofl*

  4. LOL Kristen. I needed that.

  5. I like the "book lust" tat!

  6. See I bought d/h a rubber chicken tie and the ER staff paid him never to wear it again. Honestly, some people have NO imagination.