Friday, October 26, 2007

My Brain Has Betrayed Me

I have a rather active imagination. I am a writer, after all. It's what we do, this active imagining. However, there is no off switch. I wish there was. I'm mentioned this before. See, when I go to sleep, I lose control of my brain and it does whatever it wants, regardless of what I might enjoy.

Take last night for example. I's so hard for me to put this into words...I dreamed I was in some sort of a sad, dramatic movie. I was a Hooter's waitress (not such a stretch, I know) struggling to make ends meet to finance my way through college or dental hygienist school or something like that, in love with a widower who had some sort of degenerative bone disease as played by Tom Cruise (you do realize in real life the top of his head wouldn't pass my sternum?) Tom's son from his late wife was played by that kid from Jerry Maguire, oddly enough. This kid and his coke-bottle glasses came into Hooter's to tell me his father was in the hospital. His bones were crumbling. Cue dramatic music and tears.

Um...I don't even like Mr. Crazy Couch Jumping, Aliens-Among-Us, I Know Everything There Is To Know About Postpartum Depression. I'd actually prefer to squash him like a bug. And yet, my brain decides to play fast and lose with my dreams and that's where he ends up. Gag.

Is there any hope for me? Will my brain continue to torture me this way? Stay tuned for the next episode of..."The Brain That Dreamed Too Much!"


  1. At least Tom Cruise is cute, Kristen! *lol* I once dreamed they were doing a movie of my book, and Ron Jeremy was playing the hero. *shudders*

  2. Anonymous9:25 AM

    {:0 Tempest!

    You have some pretty interesting dreams, Kristen! :)

  3. That doesn't sound like a dream... It sounds like a nightmare!


    And yeah, I think I could use the top of his head as an elbow rest, too.

  4. I agree with Jennifer. It sounds like an absolute nightmare!

    I once had such a powerful dream of Richard Gere trying to kill me that I couldn't watch anything he was in for a few years.

  5. I try not to think of Tom Cruise's real life weirdness. If you think about him in Mission Impossible, he gets much easier to take. =oD

    The only celebrity I can recall dreaming about was Sean Connery. I've always had a thing for that guy.

  6. Kristen, you dreamed his BONES WERE CRUMBLING - ultimately your brain agreed with your conscious assessment.
    So, can it be a nightmare with a happy ending?
    Morbid, I know.

    BTW- did you catch Moonlight?
    LOVED Beth's insulted line "I FED you!"

    Did you see the previews? Tell me the creators didn't channel Sookie Stackhouse... it was so there!

    If they creatively sneak in the best of the written genre we so love to read, maybe there's hope for this series for a long vampiric life.
    And Mick certainly is easy on the eyes.

    I hope Mick stars in some of your dreams soon, surely better than being on Cruise control.

  7. I agree with you on the not liking Tom Cruise. He annoys me big time. In my opinion he's right up there with Rob Lowe.

    B.E. I have a thing for Sean Connery too, he's so hot for an old guy. LOL

    It's been a really long time since I've remembered a dream but I think the last one I had involved Trace Adkins...yum