Thursday, October 25, 2007

Please Turn Off Your Cellphones

Hotrod and I plan to see a movie today or tomorrow, but honestly, nothing that's showing is really grabbing us. Have you been to see anything good lately?

In other news, I'm reading Peter Dunne's Emotional Structure and it's pretty good. If I were the highlighting type, I'd be highlighting big sections of every page. It's infinitely quotable. A group of Romance Diva members are reading this book and we plan to start discussing it on Nov. 1st. If you're interested, there's still time to read it!

And lastly, today is the first "cool" day we've had in Florida. I think it's about 69 degrees. I spent this morning opening up the house to let fresh air in. SO nice! This is my idea of fall. lol
What's new with you?


  1. Sorry, nothing has grabbed my movie-viewing attention lately. I'm lucky if I can park my butt and watch TV. *lol*

  2. Eh, not much going on with me...can't wait to go see Elizabeth, though! That's the one I want to watch...


  3. Yeah, nothing has grabbed my attention movie-wise either. Bleh.

    Tell us if you see anything good.

  4. Ack the movies all look so blah lately. Nothing grabs my interest.

    I want to read that book I think. I should order it and get in on that discussion w/ my fellow Divas...


    I wish it was cool here. It has been - and then it decided to climb up to 88 degrees. And now smoke is coming in from So Cal I think. Yuck.

  5. lol at the highlighting. I went through TWO of them.

    Lars and the Real Girl (which Dunne talks about) is out.

  6. I saw "The Jane Austen Book Club" a couple weekends ago and enjoyed it, but one does have to be familiar enough with her books to get some of the jokes and references.


  7. Yeah, it's chilly here in o-town, too. It would have been nice, but I wasn't expecting it so it was kind of a shock.

    I haven't been to any movies lately...but we rented Transformers. Hopefully I'll have time to watch it this weekend.

  8. What's new with me? I still have a hole in my wall from the tree branch that stabbed it. :-)

  9. no movie-watching here, either...

    but the Peter Dunne book looks good. My library apparently doesn't have it, but based on your comments, it sounds like a keeper for the reference shelf!

  10. I know the imagination thing. Always worse when you try to sleep. I've been known to wake sobbing, or bite my hand in fear so hard it wakes me up. lol The curse of an active imagination. lol