Thursday, October 04, 2007

A Place For Everything...

I'm not the most organized person. I readily admit that. In fact, my agent recently mentioned to me the possibility of keeping track of some things via spreadsheet. I told her spreadsheets and I were like gum and hair - best kept separate.

I do make attempts at organization. In a way, I guess you could say I have my own version of organization. For instance, I keep a file that holds all my publisher correspondence from before I had an agent (all of that is email now) - that file contains both rejections and requests. I don't feel the need to divide them up. I have a stack of things I know need looking at (and about once a month, I go through it whether or not I like it) and I have another stack (small one) for stuff that I want to throw away, but don't feel like I can just yet.

My desk drawers hold things like software CDs, envelopes, business card files, and a bag of lovely dried lavender a friend sent me. Somehow, in my mind, it all works.

I have several friends who are mistresses of the spreadsheet and command the powers of the color-coordinated filing system like they were born to it. Me, not so much. Is there hope for me? Are you born organized or can you learn it? Does the pain ever go away?

How do you organize?


  1. Some people are born organized; others have to learn it or drown under a sea of rapidly reproducing papers. I'm the latter. Of course, this doesn't mean I'm 100% organized, or even organized 100% of the time, but for the most part, I know where stuff is and can find it quickly. There's hope for you. =o)

    As for spreadsheets, if you don't need the math functions of them, use a database instead. (Just have someone build one to suit your needs.) Or if all you're using the software for is to keep track of contact info, use a contact management software program. I use an ancient version of ACT! to keep track of my submissions, for instance.

    If you really need a spreadsheet, though, they aren't really that hard for most basic stuff. There are some nice online (sometimes free) training websites around.

  2. Oh, man, I LOVE lists and spreadsheets! Fortunately...or seems to be hereditary for my family. Everything in its place. Organization flows through the veins in my family. ;-) However, that said, I must admit that I have my "scary" closet. Kind of like Monica's secret closet on one episode of "Friends." LOL! But, I have been feeling a little off lately, knowing how much has fallen through the cracks of my usual organization. So, I'm digging back in this weekend to remedy that. Interesting, how when my external world gets disorganized, it can affect my internal world so much that I have trouble concentrating and focusing. See? I told you, it's in my blood. That must mean disorganization is my own personal virus. Ha!


  3. Well, when it comes to the house, I'm anally organized. I bought all these little boxes and dividers, and everything has its place. And beware if someone puts something in the wrong place! However, when it comes to my office... well, er... let's say that things are all over the place - books on the floor, papers all over the desk, diskettes and CDs over the table, and don't get me started on the closet. Some call it disorganization. My goddaughters call it the Twilight Zone. I call it "creative organization." *lol*

  4. I'm organized with MOST things...but not my writing. I would LOVE to be more organized.

    But spreadsheets? Eeew. I don't think I could that, but I'm impressed when I see others doing with them.

  5. I am very disorganized. I live my life by the seat of my pants. When I filled in for the publicity and marketing seminar at the M&M conference, Heidi (publicist and co-presenter) brought along a press kit, notes and samples. I brought a diet Coke.

    Good thing there's room for all of us here.

  6. I'm somewhat organized. As much as I need to be for any given thing. I'm not like MONK or nothing, but I have my places for things, even if they make sense to no one but me.

    Spread sheet? If I had to, but it sounds like learning Calculus. *blech*

  7. I do the spreadsheet thing for some stuff, like submissions, but other stuff, not so much organized.

  8. I have an old postman's desk and no one but me is allowed to touch it. I know where everything is in that desk. I also have a dump basket beside where I write. Anything I don't want to file or throw away goes there until I get a chance to deal with it. I have a book for receipts and subs (which I sometimes remember to write in) Oh, and a calendar to mark everything on to keep my dates straight and a white board for self notes and plotting.That's it.