Saturday, March 01, 2008


Today's breakfast: Not sure, but I really want pancakes.

This Caturday our theme is helpfulness. These area just a few of the ways my cats are helpful. Or devious. Or scornful. Those all kinda work. They help "edit" my work.
They make sure my shoes have the proper number of cat bites on them. (Important in catland, apparently.)
They remind me there's no need to look at other cats online when they are right here, ready to be loved and adored in person.

How are your cats helpful?


  1. Hmmm well they always bring me little "presents" and leave them on the doormat. And one in particular likes to keep me warm at night, snuggled up close to me, occasionally snagging his claws into my stomach. Ouch!

    Your cats are so adorable. :)

  2. How'd you get him to hold the pen?

    Cat-feats on Caturday! :):)

  3. No cats for me, but I love Caturday!

  4. Topper turns himself into a paper weight to keep my books and papers from blowing away while I work. He regularly sweeps dust bunnies out from under the bed for me too.

  5. I would say my cats are not very helpful during the actual writing process. However, once the writing is done, Lucky (big male cat) loves to snuggle. Lizzy (snooty little female cat who hates me, but loves my son) ignores me as usual, but that's okay.