Thursday, March 06, 2008

Project Finito and Other Stuff

Today's breakfast: cantaloupe

* Project Runway is over and out. Christian won. Which was basically a meh ending for me. Jillian's collection reminded me of her personality - underwhelming. Rami actually showed some very nice dresses, both short and long. He knows how to dress women and that's important. A point for him for NOT showing the puffy coat. Christian's collection was black, black, black, black, touch of beige, touch of darker beige, black, black and beige with feathers. My issue with his collections are A. it's almost entirely unwearable in real life and B. it's designed for a model body type, not a real women. That doesn't deserve to win, IMO. I'm surprised I'm about to say this, but my vote would have gone to Rami. Even Jillian's was at least wearable. Ugh. I'm over it.

* Islands of Adventure was So Much Fun. Hotrod and I screamed like girls on the Hulk (okay, I screamed like a girl, him not so much), had lunch at Mythos, our favorite restaurant in the park (shout out to Daniel, the manager!), saw a show, people watched, did the Spiderman ride (FAB!), bought a t-shirt, blah, blah, blah. We finished up the day with a yummy cheeseburger at Margaritaville, then I dropped him off at the airport and came home.

* I stayed up l.a.t.e. and finished Hit Reply by Roxanne St. Claire. Wow. Amazing. You need to read this book. You'll be shocked at how a collection of emails and IMs will draw you in and hang on to you! This one goes on my keeper shelf and girlfriend, there are not that many books on that shelf if you get my drift.

*So much work to do today! Send me some productive vibes, will ya?

*Almost forgot to add: Congrats to my bro and his wife on their new son, kidlet #3, born yesterday! I'm so glad they decided to procreate like rabbits. Totally takes the heat off me.


  1. since I knew Christian would win, it wasn't even fun watching. Rami's collection surprised me, but I still stand firm that Chris deserved to be there.

    It was nice seeing the vulnerable Christian. He wasn't so fierce waiting for the final decision. And his collection was like looking at artwork. Beautiful pieces that Posh Spice could wear. And nobody else but Posh Spice.

  2. Congrats to your brother and sending good productive vibes your way.

    I thought Christian deserved to win. Towards the end even his personality won me over. His collection was the most cohesive to me. He had a true look. He took risks and it felt like it went back to real innovative fashion. Felt like Paris to me.

    Rami had some beauties and he will be a red carpet star. I was always thrown off with Rami because he was so established and had already shown on the Tyra show and the red carpet.

    I like the idea of a fresh new designer.

    Jillian will get a job as head designer at some established company looking for a boost.

  3. I thought Rami should have won. Loved his stuff. I think if anyone else other than Posh Spice was guest judging, the outcome may have been different.

    Congrats Auntie!!

  4. Yay on the babies for you to love and cuddle and hand back!

    And sending mucho creative vibes your way.

  5. I have to admit, I loved Christian's collection. I do agree that it's not for the average woman, or almost any woman, but then I think of it more like a fantasy collection that will spin more wearable knock offs. I loved Rami's evening wear, but everything else of his left me cold. I thought Gillian's collection very strong, she just didn't have the "zing" that the judges were obviously looking for.

    Congrats on the new family member!

  6. Anonymous7:13 PM

    Kristen! I am so glad that I found your blog - very funny :)

    Congrats on the new baby, and good luck with your daily writing goals!!!


  7. I can't believe you haven't read HIT REPLY yet? I aaaaaaaadore that book! Love, love, love, love, love it. One of the most cleverly plotted chick lit books. Didn't you love it?

  8. Congrats to your brother on the new baby.

  9. I wasn't that impressed with Christian's win. Like you said, his collection was items real women could never, never wear. Posh Spice - yes; me - ha! ha! ha!

    Then again, they aren't creating wearable fashions necessarily. But are they creating couture? (Is that even how you spell couture? I shop at Target, people...)

    And the happiest days are when babies come! Congrats to the new addition!!