Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Check It Out!

Hey y'all, Jax's first print book is out today! Can I get woohoo? Why not treat yourself and support a struggling writer. lol Honestly, buying her book would be a great way to not only support her but to also show your love for Romance Divas since Jax is my co-founder at that fabulous site. Oh - and don't forget to leave some lovely reviews at Barnes and Noble and Amazon when you're done, okay? We gotta get our girl some buzz!

In other news, did anyone catch Priscilla Presley on Dancing with the Stars last night? She didn't actually dance since last night was just the guys, but wow - does she have any functioning facial muscles left or have they all been sutured into submission? Yikes. She used to be hot. Now she looks like the Goth High Priestest of Botox.

Pay attention, kittens. This is a prime example of what not to do! Seriously. Okay, I'm off to fight aging in my own way. On the elliptical. Smooches!


  1. Woo Hoo to Jax! And you so got that right about Priscilla Presley. Looking at her makes my face hurt. Ouch.

  2. Thanks for the support K. Big smoochies to you for everything! :)

    You know I need it in more ways than one. I'm actually in print! I found out I'm on Target.com and a few other places that we didn't know about! That's so cool.

    Back to deadlines, talk to you soon!

  3. Congrats, Jax! Will have to go check out your book. Love the title, btw!

    As for Priscilla, I just don't know what to say. It's like that episode of "Nip Tuck" where Christian made his patient look like a poodle (at her request). You just couldn't take your eyes away from the train wreck. I think her hair looks awful too (too stringy and straight looking for a woman her age), but she did look sort of good once she was in costume -especially from far away:)