Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Last Day Of Fun

Today is my last day of fun for awhile, due to my nutso schedule. We're off to Universal Studio's other theme park, Islands of Adventure. I like IA because Spiderman is there and I've had a crush on him since I was a kid. (Not the whole movie Spiderman, I'm talking comic books - the original webslinger.)

Anyway, I should be up and moving but I made the "mistake" of starting a book right before bed last night that kept me reading way longer than I should have. It's a rare book, one that is probably hard to get your hands on, but I happen to have a copy of it. I've had it for a year or two, actually, and it's just sat in my TBR pile...waiting. Then, last night, I picked it up and read straight through to page 180 almost without stopping to breathe!

What is this book, you ask? It's called HIT REPLY by Rocki St. Claire. The kicker? It's written entirely in emails and IM messages. A-Mazing. If you can find this book, you should pick up a copy. Talk about innovative fiction!

Now I'm off to caffienate myself. What are you doing today?


  1. You're going to Universal Studios?! I'm stuck in my office, and my boss is giving me a hard time. Please... take me with you!!! *booo hooo*

  2. Have fun at Universal today and say Hi to Spidey for me!
    I'm meeting a new doctor today and am hopeful for some relief from my migaines.
    I also hope to get some writing done this afternoon.

    Hit Reply sounds fantastic.

  3. I read Hit Reply awhile ago, but it was so cleverly done that it make quite the impression. I know I couldn't put it down.

    Have fun, I've never been to Universal Studio. I'll have to put it on my to do list. :)

  4. Islands of Adventure is one of my favorite places on earth. Ride Hulk and Dueling Dragons for me! I'm so jealous....I was there this time last year on vacay with the family. sniff.

  5. Loved Hit Reply!
    I also picked that book up with the idea that I'd only read the first few pages to see what it was about and got so sucked in I forgot what time it was. I looked up and it was like three in the morning. :)

    Rocki writes books...and then I lose sleep. But that's okay. :)

    Have fun today at Universal. :)

  6. Have fun!

    Oh, and I agree--Hit Reply is brilliant.

    I'm playing referee to a bunch of homebound kids (snow day). With any luck, no one will suffer any permanent injuries (inflicted on each other) and I'll still have most of my hair. My house sounds like a WWF wrestling match :)