Friday, March 28, 2008

This Is How I Know I'm Dieting

I've been thinking about cupcakes and how wonderful they are. I mean, the very idea of a cupcake is delightful. A tiny cake that's just for you! Cake is fabulous, but there's so much of it (and you know I'm going to eat it if it's in the house). A cupcake is a single serving of iced deliciousness. You can eat the whole thing without anyone looking at you like you're a piglet. You're supposed to eat the whole cupcake!

Cupcakes seem very hip right now. They're everywhere - baby showers, weddings - not just kid's parties any more. I declare cupcakes the official baked good of spring! Go out and devour!

What's your favorite kind of cupcake?


  1. You are so cute with your declarations! I'll second that! I'm chocolate inside and out all the way! Thanks again for the chiffonade info! Have a great weekend.

  2. Oh, I love cupcakes, too. I'm making them for my kiddo's birthday party.

    I love pretty cupcakes with LOTS of extra frosting. Mmmmm.

  3. There are two seriously addictive cupcake makers in LA. 1. Sprinkles 2. Susie Cakes

    I feel like one now. Thanks a lot!

  4. Wellll I believe you are the one who turned me on to the Cupcakes that Take the Cake blog soooooo you are the one responsible for my newfound cupcake obsession!!! LOL

    I'm making some today for my oldest son's birthday. Secretly I'm making them for ME. LMAO

  5. Evil woman... I'm trying to shed those post Easter calories and you're making me hungry. =op

    I'm not so much a cupcake fan, but a lover of cupcake's cousin - the muffin. I used to go to this place that sold the best chocolate cheesecake swirl muffins. You could get the huge size or the mini's. Very scarfable.

  6. ROFL! I love you dear Kristen. A whole entry dedicated to cup cakes. Yes they are wonderful and tasty and delicious! My favorite is of course chocolate! Mmmmmm!

  7. LOL
    Are you suffering from diet delirium?

    My favorite are Chocolate cupcakes with a thick layer of vanilla frosting. And come to think of it...sprinkles are very nice too. :)

  8. Chocolate, with creamy chocolate frosting--yum!

    Shame on you, your making me hungry!

  9. There's this great cupcake store in Toronto... Hideously overpriced, but somehow I don't care.

    Out of the (five or six) kinds I've tested, my fav is a vanilla cake with the top dipped in a sticky caramel sauce and garnished with a ju-jube.

    YUMMMMMMY. You've made me want one. And I so don't need one.