Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I was up late last night, later than usual anyway, because we had a wrap-up meeting to discuss our chapter's contest. The turn-out was heartening. We had the largest group ever and it gives me hope. Our chapter's contest is pretty amazing - we had 15 agent/editor requests come from it last year - one resulted in a sale and one resulted in someone signing with an agent. That's pretty awesome, wouldn't you agree?

Anyway, the contest is also our only fundraiser for the chapter so it's truly an important event. Of course, like most chapter-related things, volunteers can be hard to come by. What does your chapter do to encourage volunteers? I'd love any tips or ideas you'd like to share. And if you're interested in being a judge for this contest, let me know! We always need more of those.


  1. Obviously I don't belong to a chapter, but the local WisRWA kind of adopted me. I've been invited to a couple of meetings and love the comaraderie.

    I think romance writers are a breed apart with the generosity of their time in helping others out. I'm sure you'll find lots of volunteers and, as a reader, I'm grateful to you all.

  2. I tried to change my google/blogger email address and now it doesn't show my whole name, but that's me posting as Barbara. I've got to fix this.

  3. You are obivously a godsend for your chapter. It's tough. I try and judge when I can? We also have started doing smaller contests for our chapter members and doing monthy basket raffles which are nice.
    Hey did you see DWTS and Pricilla Presley dance last night. She was good, eh?

  4. Was this the one I judged? You need more judges? I no understand. If you need me to, I'll judge again, I actually enjoyed it.

  5. Interesting - one of my cps just sent me a rah-rah email trying to get me to volunteer this year. Bleh - I feel like I've put in my time. Sad, huh?