Thursday, August 14, 2008

If I Could Save Time...

Yesterday wasn't as big a writing day as I'd hoped - at least not in new pages. I did a lot of good layering and some small tweaks, that kind of thing, but the day just got away from me. Still loving the story and I am so encouraged by this manuscript, I can't say it enough, but y'all are probably sick of hearing about it so...onward! For now. lol

I really need to find something to read, too. I'm falling behind on my 50 books in a year goal. That happens when I'm way deep in a WIP. I get so absorbed I can't focus on much else.

Anyway, I have a mad long list of stuff to get done today so this is a drive-by. What are you up to? And more importantly, what are you writing? And how do you fit in the time to write when your day is already packed?


  1. I love it when I'm in love with my writing, so you aren't boring me at all. I think it's great.

    As for reading, I hear ya. I get the same way when I'm deep in my own words. If you're looking for fast reads, try anything by Allison Brennan (romantic suspense), Lynn Viehl's Darkyn series (paranormal romance), Natalir Roberts' psycho dance mom series (cute mystery). Although with Allison's books, you might want to block out a few hours. They're hard to put down.

    I'm trying to edit a manuscript I finished last year that got forgotten. I'm only getting about a chapter a day done, so it's slow going. Right now, my days aren't packed, but as of next week, school starts again, and my daughter's chosen a full schedule, so bye-bye to free time. This is why I started writing at night.

  2. Drive on by Kristen and we never get tired of hearing about how much you love your WIP. You should love it. I'm up to kid/family/house stuff today and baseball tonight. As for writing? Well I'm reading and plotting instead of writing. It will be all about writing once the kids are back in school and I have my house back.

  3. My reading suffers when I'm neck deep in it, too... Can't concentrate.

    So does my blogging depending on how things are going... Notice that I haven't blogged much lately? LOL. This is the darkness before the light, right?