Wednesday, August 06, 2008

RWA Pics!

Here are some pics from RWA, mostly from the parties. lol

Kresley Cole, Me, Roxanne St. Claire. Kresley and Rocki were headed to the Pocket party, I was on my way to the Diva Dinner, followed by the Knight Agency shindig. Notice my Farrah hair. Stylish, no?

Barbara Vey and I at the Diva Dinner. She is a VERY fun dinner guest, I must say. Did you catch her drive-by video of the Diva Dinner?
The pagoda entrance to Chinatown. I believe I ended up here three times, for delicious Dim Sum, lunch at the Empress of China, one of the oldest restaurants in Chinatown, and some serious shopping. This place rocks.
The Harlequin party! See that artificial tree in the upper corner? There were four of those in total and later on that night, one actually toppled over. No one was hurt (that I know of) but it made for a few very entertaining minutes. And the woman in black in the background standing on the chair? That's the wonderful and charming Tracy Farrell, who has no problem getting her groove on.
Another Harlequin party shot: Roxanne St. Claire, Marley Gibson, Louisa Edwards and moi. We danced until we were sweaty. It was fab!


  1. You guys look great, and you all look like you're having so much fun. Just another reason to get my butt in gear and get published so I can make it to one of these things. Thanks for the pics, Kristen. It's nice to have faces to put with the names. =o)

  2. Actually, your hair looks a little more like another STAH with alliterative initials, JJ. Hot and gorgeous! I loved every minute of Nationals with you - from the first turbulent take-off to the last chili cheese fry! You are a seven letter word for FUN starting with K. xoxox Rocki

  3. I had the best time at the Diva dinner! Thanks so much for inviting me and I got some great pics too.

  4. It was great meeting you in SF. I got home late last night, then stayed up even later due to jet lag. Groan. The body is protesting loudly.


  5. I had soooooooooo much fun with you guys in San Fran! Look at me with the blondes in the last picture! Times were had by all. Loved killing champers with you and gorging on Mel's (diner not Francis) early in the morning. Great hanging out with the fabulous Rocki, too! Chili cheese fries will never look the same to me again. Hee hee!

    = )

  6. Your pictures are great, and it looks like you had such a good time. Maybe I'll get to D.C. next year since it's not too far away.

  7. I love these pics and yoor Farrah hair was fab!!

  8. Great pics! Farrah hair rocks;0

  9. Oh, how fun! Thanks for the pics!
    It was like I was there.
    (Sort of) :)