Friday, August 22, 2008

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Friday morning and it's raining AGAIN. I stared at a bottle of Windex for awhile yesterday, just to remind myself what blue is supposed to look like. I know the sky can achieve that color, I just haven't seen it in a very long time. *sigh*

And this weather is putting a damper on the writing - mostly because gray rainy days are only good for so much writing before I feel like eating everything in the house while watching movies I'm A. not that interested in and B. probably seen already. Thus goes the last few days of my life.

Of course, this means I am behind on my goal of hitting page 125 today. I'm starting the day half-way through page 111 - there is no way I'm writing 14 pages today. No way. Especially since my parents are showing up today and that means at least a few hours of hanging out with them. I will write, it just won't be that much. So I'm changing my goal to page 115. Much more doable. I hope.

Ah well. Let the writing begin. What's your writing goal for today?


  1. I haven't set a goal, but I did finally get a used Alphasmart 3000 off eBay. Can't wait til it gets here!

    And hey, you know that saying the grass is always greener? Up here, we're terribly jealous of all the rain you're getting. We can't beg for rain. Well, we could, but it wouldn't do any good. We're pretty sure our front lawn has finally given up the ghost during this second summer of extreme drought.

  2. Could be worse. We have the rain and a few homeless snakes have joined us this morning, taking up residence in the pool and the garage.

    Ya know, spiders just ain't all that bad, comparatively speaking. I'm going back to the desert. No, wait, there are scorpions in the desert. *sigh*

    Hope you dry out soon. :)

  3.'ll LUUURVE the AlphaSmart!

    I'm planning on writing on the plane this afternoon to my parents'. Seems like a good thing to do to pass the time, as long as the person in front of me doesn't lean their seat all the way back.

  4. Sorry the nasty weather is bringing you down. I hate when that happens. So here: - a photo gallery of rainbows to cheer you up.

    I don't have a writing goal for today beyond editing for at least an hour. Lately it feels like I have to drag the words out, but I'm trying to work through it. (Maybe I could use some sunny tropical scenes myself.)

  5. Oh Kristen I'm sorry this rain has you so down. It will go away. Florida has to get sunny sometime. No writing goal for me today. I just finished my second round of Allergy testing. Fun. Not.
    Hang in there. I'm proud of you for making a more doable goal and writing something. You are kicking serious A. Oh and I so want and alphasmart.

  6. We're in a drought too. Not enough rain last year and too many people living in our area sucking up all the water into they're pools.

    Right now my goal is to get my website up and running.

    Wish me luck,