Saturday, August 02, 2008


Thank God it's Saturday, because I am ready to come home. Which isn't to say I'm not having fun at conference, rather, I'm having too much fun at conference. (Okay, plus, I'm missing Hotrod a smidge. Love that man.)

Yesterday, we did a day trip to Fisherman's Wharf. It was...very touristy. Having lived in Ocean City, MD, I can sum it up by saying it was like strolling the boardwalk. Without the boards. The trolley ride to and from worked my last nerve due to the overcrowding of said vehicle. Sue me, but I don't like having random strangers' body parts pressed up against me. (It was bad. And this from a girl who lived in NYC and routinely rode the subway.)

When we got back, I did a little writing, but I was headed for a workshop at 4:30 about making your own book trailers. I'm sure it was a fine workshop, but I left after a few minutes when I figured out it wasn't anything I didn't already know.

Then I got ready for a night of publisher parties. First up was the Berkley party. It was a cocktails, cheese & crackers and cold shrimp kind of affair. Lots of very nicely dressed folks, including the effervescent PC Cast, who I didn't get to say hi to until the next party, which was St. Martin's. There I met her lovely daughter, Kristin, and her brother, whose name I can't remember - probably because I was too distracted by his handsome face. He's hero material, I can tell you that.

The food at the SMP party was delish and later on, editor Rose Hilliard and I determined (with help from agent Sha-Shanna Crichton and my BFF and newly purchased SMP author, Louisa Edwards and my other BFF, Marley Gibson) that our shades of blonde are fairly close.

From there, we hit the pinnacle of publisher parties, the Harlequin shin-dig. Things were well underway when we arrived, and we quickly joined in the festivities by shaking our money-makers out on the dance floor with executive editor, Tracy Farrell, Jane from Dear Author and Roxanne St. Claire. Also making an appearance were my fellow Fictionistas, Amanda Brice and Rhonda Stapleton, who boogied like there was no tomorrow. Great fun was had by all, I can assure you. Despite one of the massive fake trees toppling over half-way through the night.

Anyway, I have pics but again, no way to download them so you'll have to wait until Monday-ish. Today I'm going to write, hit a workshop or two, then prep for the RITA's and Golden Hearts. And maybe nap. I'm worn out!

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  1. I'm still LMAO at the tree's exit! I feel like I've been beaten within an inch of my life! Good times. = )